Revalidation & Training

Revalidation Top Tips

Advanced guidance for complicated tasks.

Revalidation FAQs

Frquently asked questions about Revalidation

Revalidation Guidance Sheet

General guidance in revalidation for nurses.

Reflective Discussion Guidance

Advanced guidance for reflective discussion

Mandatory Training

We offer Mandatory Training


IR35 Legislations

Update on the current IR35 Legislations

Website & App

How do I apply Online

You can apply to work with Plan B online quickly and easily

How do I refer a friend

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Payroll & Timesheets

How to scan a Timesheet

We accept scanned PDF signed copies of timesheets

Timesheet Deadline

Outlining the Deadlines for Timesheets

Online Payslip Guidance

Quick, easy, mobile friendly access to your payslips.

Pay Queries

What if I have a pay Query?

ID Badges & Uniform


Uniform Requirments

Company ID Badge

How do I get my ID Badge?

Policies & Handbook

Employee Handbook

For General & Specialist Nurses, Theatre Staff & Healthcare Assistants


Plan B's policies and procedures




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